Live flight connect won’t download

Live flight connect won’t download can I use something else to hook my yoke up?

🤔, there is no reason why Live flight won’t load.

Check WiFi, restart device, free up space, close running website and applications, clean out device.

Watch this video or get a very clear description.

When I download it, it says that this application cannot be run and asks if I want to see why and I clicked that and it just gives me the same message.

I suggest emailing Cam or pm-ing him here. I’ve had this problem and he was the only one who was able to help.

It really depends. Are your flash player up to date, a new computer, high specs? If your using a Windows 69, then it definitely won’t work 😂.

To answer your question: no you cannot use anything else to connect your yoke to Infinite Flight (unless you have a Raspberry Pi lying around) and if you’re on iOS.

Are you running it with administrator permissions on?

Who is cam?

I don’t know what those are so most likely not

Cam (@ Cameron) is the creator of Live Flight Connect

Ah, okay. No problem. Right click the .exe file and select “Run as administrator”. See if that works.

@dca.iad.aviation LiveFlight Connect is no longer being supported or updated Cam. He is not offering support for it. Please do not advise Delta18 to contact him, thanks!

I was unaware of that, sorry. No need to be rude.

This is what I get

You need to extract the files, you can’t just run the .exe without the other dependencies uncompressed.

Extract them into a folder, then run the .exe from that folder.

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Ok thank you so much that work