Live flight connect problems [Updated]

Basically at the back end of every flight my LFC will slow up, what I mean is that i’ll Make an input on my joystick and it will take another second or two to respond in the sim, but this only happens at the back end of flights

Updated bit:
I did a flight between Frankfurt and Heathrow and it worked, but i waited on stand to see if anything would happen and on the 2 hour mark it started the delay.


No this stays in ThirdParty.

Pretty sure it’s because of your internet, maybe that’s why there is input lag.

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Maybe, I’ll see if I can speed it up

Third party because it’s live flight not the sim

Sorry @A320fan

It’s cool, i have put something like this in support when it should be in third party before

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It has happened to me plenty of times sadly everyone in the community has to point it out even tho someone aready did it I’m sorry again @A320fan

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