Live Flight Connect not working For MAC

Hello I have a 2011 Mac and I cant use my brand new thrusmaster set on it
Let me know if you can help

Should this be on support it is not made by IF is it?

Yes, I belive this should be in support

@JacksonAviation No, this should NOT be in Support. The best category is #thirdparty

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Ok, my bad! Sorry!

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It is ok I just saw that you edited my post and I was like bro.

That was @Gabe_Z . I don’t have his regular powers yet

No, it was Schyllberg.

Oh, my bad… again!

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We always make mistakes.

Also, @American_1549 make sure that bluetooth, or plugged is doing correctly. Look this topic below, too.

Ok thanks it is running on iOS X so maybe that is the issue lol

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