Live Flight Connect not connecting/ crashing

For some reason, my live flight connect will not connect and will sometimes crash. It was fine before and is now acting up. Has anyone else had this problem? I have LFC enabled in Infinite Flight and have made sure my PC and phone are on the same network. @Cameron

Device: Nexus 6p/ PC

Operating System: Android 8.0 Oreo/ Windows 10

Attempts to Solve:

  • Phone Restart

  • PC restart

  • Router restart

  • Reinstall LFC


Has it worked before on Android 8.0 Oreo?

it was working even with Android 8.0, it just stopped working today

Have you tried deleting and reinstalling live flight connect? Is the internet stable?

yes i have as indicated above

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This seems like a serious problem.


I’m really having trouble. I already did everything until I formatted my pc. And it still does not work anymore …

i think this is a bug on LFC’s end then

Have same problem. Contact Cam
Contacted Live-Flight Connect re it crashes now on start-up, after last IF update.
FYI if anyone else experienced it.
Nvidia Shield K1
2g ram 64g memory
Android 7
Windows 10
Started this thread earlier:

I’m looking into it, no need to email me about it as I’m aware. Will push an update as soon as I can


I did test it on a couple of PC machines and found that there’s nothing to do initially with LiveFlight program itself. After looking into the parameters, I found that the key issue was IF returned Null value of the IP address to LiveFlight during connection and thus caused LiveFlight failing to handle. Please check if anything went wrong with IF API returning improper data to third parties applications.


The Live Connect API was recently changed. Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s the cause.

Yes, I have same issues, IF Connect is crashing on my Mac.

I have High Sierra the latest version and after Global update it is little bit better, but still crashing from time to time.

As @Dr.Harry.Tse wrote, I also think it is caused with API from IF, waiting for update of IF Connect, so looking forward to update of Connect app.

when will we know the update is out

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hi, try this Oops!
i have the same problem LFConnect on Windows10x64 - #5 by Insertusernamehere

I havent used IF Connect in a few months now, but wanted to do so just now. But the IF Connect app keeps crashing every time just 3 seconds after start up. Also see no connection whilst the apps opens for 3 seconds.

I’ve already reinstalled the application on my windows laptop but no luck.

@Cameron, any idea how to fix this problem?

He already responded and is looking into it but haven’t gotten any updates on progress since he posted that

MMM…Just updated last week, works now on my Windows 10 PC with Android 7 Nvidia.

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@Cameron Has there been any updates yet? I still haven’t gotten it to connect

There was an update a couple of weeks that solved this. If it’s not working, you’ll need to check to make sure your firewall is allowing public + private access for LiveFlight Connect and that there are no restrictions on your network (i.e. blocked ports)