Live Flight Connect Keeps Automatically Closing

I just built a new computer and just downloaded LFC on this computer. when I tried to open the LFC application, it opened and shortly after, it closed. I have reinstalled the application and I have restarted my computer. But even then, LFC closes a few seconds after I open it. I think Windows is forcing it to close because it might recognize it as a ‘virus’ but Windows Defender says that it hasn’t detected anything.

I don’t think that is the case.

This isn’t true - LiveFlight Connect is fully free and open source

Check to see if your antivirus is blocking anything. There are a few common solutions to issues on

LiveFlight connect is doscontinued, so bugs can become more prominent as we go into the future

Also @USA_ATC I think you’re talking about LiveFlight horizon which is a subscription for Liveflight tracker, not liveflight connect

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Ohh my bad sorry for the confusion I got confused with Live Flight Tracker my bad everyone

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