Live flight Connect joystick

So I have finally got Liveflight but I cant seem to get my joystick to work.Infinite flight recognises there is a joystick but it doesn’t let me control my aircraft. Anyone know what I can do to fix this?

If you have yet checked out this tutorial yet, I would recommend looking at it first.

I’ve done this multiple times but it still doesn’t let me use it.

Have you assigned the joystick to the correct axises?

Yes I’ve made sure its the right axes

Hmmm… Then I’m not too sure. I would have to test it myself.

One thing though, your joystick may not be supported.

Are you using PC or Mac?

My joystick is

Im using PC

Ok, I am a Mac user and cant give you much support on your problem. I have tried the PC version literally gives you no options to trouble shoot or change options with the software. When I did have a problem I emailed the creator of live flight, @Cameron. His email is and he responds pretty quickly.

I will try that thanks

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