Live Flight connect issues

Live Flight connect issue - Hi community, as you may see I’ve got some problems with connecting “Live Flight” to the sim. And the problem is, it’s just simply cannot connect staying like this:

So hope that you’ll help me to solve this problem in short period of time!)
PS. It worked great on previous version as before

Device: IPad Pro 4th gen. 12,9/IPadOS 14,6
IF version: 21.02.01
Network used: Same
IF: enabled to connect.

LiveFlight Connect has been discontinued and is no longer being updated to work properly with Infinite Flight.

Therefore you are using it at the risk that it may not work and unfortunately that’s just how it is.

Especially given we have just had 2 rather significantly major updates to Infinite Flight’s systems - it may have caused LFC to stop working completely for some people.

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