Live flight connect issues


For some reason today LiveFlightConnect kept on disconnecting 5-10 secs before I would land . 3/3 of my flights today disconnected on short final. Anyone know why ? It used to happened but then stopped happening a long time ago.

Hello, sorry to hear about that, but unfortunately, this is a known issue and since LiveFlight Connect is no longer supported, it is unlikely that this would be patched/fixed.

You can try Map Connect though, another software for joysticks. I’ve linked the thread down below!


Ok but Map Connect sometimes has the same issue

Oh, I see. Perhaps you could contact the developer of Map-Flight @AirChina196 or @CrisYe?


This is a known issue, it depends on your local network and IF Live API. We are trying to fix it but it’s not 100% that it always good. (AirChina196 is taking plane now and he will work on it these days)