Live Flight Connect Issue

Hey everyone, chiming in here as the developer of LiveFlight Connect.

As some of you have pointed out, it hasn’t been updated since 2017. The core connection code hasn’t changed at all since 2015. It has been open-sourced since launch with the hope that people could contributed if they discovered any issue or ways of improving it, as I didn’t envision myself as having enough time to maintain this (as the sole developer of LiveFlight).

Any issues that are appearing are down to the connection between your device and your PC/Mac. Unfortunately, there are so many variables as Seb has discussed which can impact this from working properly and they vary so much from setup to setup. Some of the main ones I’ve had people write to me about include:

  • New peripherals (which I haven’t been able to test against the drivers)
  • Network setups controlled by work/school that block ports
  • Firewalls / strong antivirus blocking ports
  • Bad router positioning / high latency from routers

I’d love to have something that works flawlessly for everyone, but sadly, I don’t have time to maintain this personally or continue providing support for individual issues. It’s also worth pointing out that a network-based solution like this will never be perfect for everyone.

I would recommend that people look into John’s Raspberry Pi-based software. This uses a new API in Infinite Flight which should help a little with latency and John is more likely to maintain this:

However, if I do get the time to play with this and updates, I will post about it. Thanks, everyone - happy to answer any questions