Live Flight Connect Issue

Hello aviators,
I have suffered a painful issue with the aforementioned app when i was doing a flight from LPPT inbound OTHH… When i was established on final at OTHH runway 34R, I disconnected the autopilot and started flying the aircraft with my Logitech Extreme 3D Pro stick… Seconds before touchdown, my stick decided not to respond to my inputs and the aircraft veered off the runway and crashed… My internet connection is good enough to handle the connection… What would the cause be? A total of approximately 7 hours flight has been ended in a painful way and all the waiting time has become nothing… Any idea of the cause?

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Hi there!

Please do not make multiple topics regarding the same issue. Stick to one of them and I’m sure someone will be along to assist you soon. Thanks, and here’s hoping that you get your issue resolved!


I did and responded to your PM so no need to address this again… Thanks

It’s most likely addressed here too so we don’t spam you full of it without our knowledge of that PM. I was making this comment too before TaipeiGuru posted.

Ok thanks… Now i would like to focus on my issue and I’m seeking a help… I have already flagged the duplicate post…

Ok. I can’t help you personally as I’m not a joystick user however it can take more than 5 minutes for someone to answer, just be aware :)

Thanks for your passage anyways…

Hey, @Crown.plane!

This happens to me at times when I use my joystick. What happens is that the connection is Interupted or closed which then causes the sudden loss of connection. This is due to the process of the inputs needing to go through a third-part app (LiveFlightConnect.) as far as I’m aware, I don’t think there’s anyway to fix this issue due to the natural connection breakes that happen often.

One thing you could do is to restart your internet router to make sure you’re using updates of the internet constantly sent by your operator :)

Preliminary questions:
What devices are you using?
What is your airplane count set to?
What are your rendering qualities & resolutions set to?
What is the texture quality set to?
What is yourAnti-Aliasing set to?
Is limit frame rate on?
We’re there a lot of other aircraft when you arrived, or few?

Thanks for your reply…
Actually it’s not a first time I’ve encountered such issue but previously I believe that the problem was related to my outdated modem and unstable connection, i’ve fixed all these issues and get new modem with much better stabilized connection… I did many flights without any problems but today i lost a 7 hours flight on final after spending time preparing the whole flight and waiting the arrival… It’s something traumatic

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I understand that it’s frustrating. That’s why I’ve stoped using my joystick for online flights.

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Your internet connection was strong, right? Did your computer you’re using LFC for turn off?
I’ve had the problem when using a hotspot, but not @ home, so if you have a strong internet connection, it should work fine.

My device is iPad 3rd Air 3rd gen…
Low aircraft counts, high graphics, was alone in the approach

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No LFC for turn off… I closed the app and reopen it again because it was not responsive when i pressed one of my joystick’s buttons assigned for flaps deployment… The issue happened just 30 feet before touchdown and i disconnected the AP at 800 feet which means it was working perfectly

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The only reason I could think of it disconnecting is because the inputs combined with IF running on the same network was too much for the network to handle, which caused a small interruption in the connection. This caused LFC to not function. Once the screen of LFC goes black & says “Connecting”, you have to restart LFC. I guess the only way to determine if it is becoming an issue is to try again.

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I can agree with you on this… The strange thing is that the LFC didn’t get black at that time and my approach was perfect and stable so I didn’t need to put much inputs on the stick… I haven’t suffered from this issue for a long time after i did change my modem and get a better than before wifi speed…

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@Crown.plane I still face the same problem. I bought better equipment and the problem persists. I had bought a new notebook and it is still disconnected. It always falls when I’m entering the runway or landing. Sometimes taking a taxi. Unfortunately, the developer never talked about it. I don’t want to cause controversy, but I missed his support. It would be nice to know if LFC is being updated. It is very frustrating to make a beautiful flight and in the end an accident happens or you will now go off the runway. Others see you and it seems that you don’t know how to land properly. I hope this resolves quickly.

I totally agree with you… It’s a bad feeling when you make a great flight and suddenly everything ends in a tragic way… I hope the developers get some attention over this issue and make some adjustments to the app so we can enjoy using our sticks without any problems…

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the most tragic thing is that three days from now the last post will be closed and possibly the problem will continue. I know that the program is free and maybe I would not be entitled to complain and I thank you for the app that exists and allows a different experience. One thing that would be very good maybe there is an investment for @cameron to have incentive and I would think it is very fair because it is not easy to solve this type of thing for free. So it would be very interesting to have our safest and most fun flights back. 🙏🏾🙂

I think you need to consider that this is a free & open source application. Everyone who’s able, is welcome to contribute and perhaps fix these issues since i don’t believe Cameron has the time to be completely honest.

He did build something great that time has now caught up with, and perhaps someone else should look into it now?

Here’s the source code - GO! ;)

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