Live Flight Connect is connected but not working

Hi Cam,

I’ve fired up IFGlobal then IF Connect - other apps such as IFPassengers etc work, and ‘Infinite Flight Connect’ is selected. IFConnect says it’s connected, but I can’t see anything, nor can I use IFConnect to control the sim.

I run Android 6.

Any thoughts on what might be happening?

Many thanks!


LiveFlight Connect Support is where you will get help ;)


I’ve been experiencing disconnects all day today as well.

Same problem like you. Conected but no data flown…

Just one thing:
It’s set up as a 100% local connection, so that you have been experiencing issues has nothing to do with LiveFlight Tracker and is just communicating locally within your own network.

Yes it is. Will check out LFC support. Thanks

Or send an email to if you can’t solve your issue by reviewing the FAQ.

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