Live flight connect is broken

Unfortunately the time has come…

LiveFlight Connect has broke.

The application was working fine until this message popped up on opening…

I have deleted the application and installed it again but the same exact message popped up.

I hope this gets fixed soon!

It’s not broken for me on mobile (haven’t checked on desktop) maybe it’s your computer or something.

Probably 😂

This problem can be resolved by either disconnecting and reconnecting to your internet or restarting your desktop/laptop.

I’ve done that many times, so I don’t really know

So you have done both of these but it didn’t work?

Well, if that’s the case then I recommend you get in touch with the liveflight developers like @Cameron (the creator of liveflight) or anyone that is apart of the development team for liveflight for further assistance.


Are you trying to use AutoNav by any chance?

Worked for me this morning to use my joystick on expert server.

Not at all.

I only asked, because the AutoNav feature doesn’t work anymore.

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