Live flight connect error

Guys I need to help. I am using live flight connect and every time I am approaching and disconnects. Is it just me? I use Ipad pro and before starting the flight reboot router and the wifi. Does anyone know what is happening? And my internet is private. It was not in the public.

Is this a problem that suddenly started to happen? Or have you had this since you got the app?

Just trying to find out if something changed.

Have you tested this in another place, with a different internet connection? Let’s see if we can rule out home connectivity issues.

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So since I first started using the LFC app I have never been able to stay connected on the whole flight. Always I have to close and open again during the flight. It always gets bad in the approaches. Just now was about to land in SBSP, on the ramp he disconnected 5 times.
Now I never tried to use another network. I will try to use my 4G as a router to see if it stabilizes.

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Hello Friend! So! I tried to use my 4g did not work. It takes time to get in and chances of making mistake is big. So I tried to fly now I had the problem again and I just looked in the forum and found a problem person very similar to mine.

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I saw the post. The problems reported there were not resolved, sadly.

We don’t normally tag developers in forum posts, because they are very busy people and we don’t want to include them in more conversations than needed. But for this issue I am tagging @Cameron. I think he needs to know about this.

Just wait for him to review this, and share his thoughts.

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Hello friends @azeeuwnl @cameron! think I found the problem. I borrowed a notebook from a friend, and as his notebook processor is more powerful, no problem.

Sorted out!!!

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