Live flight connect crashing on startup

so I tried booting up live flight connect, then it gives me this huge error message, then says it stopped working, Ive been trying to start it for a couple tries now, each time it does the same thing

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What exactly are you seeing? Are you connected to your Internet? You might need to reboot your router.

Usually if my internet is slow this happens.

its nothing with the Internet, I cant tell you exactly what Im seeing because its a ridiculasly long error message and it wont let me copy it its like a page long error message of code

System.IndexOutOfRangeException:Index was outside the bounds of the array, that was the first line

Interesting. Before we release United Virtual’s crew center, I had the same issue. I resolved it by copying the URL and then pasting it into a separate browser. Have you done that?

its live flight connect (the app) not the website

Oh it is? Try restarting your device. See if that helps.

Hmm that’s strange. I’m sure you have enough memory on your device, right? Have you deleted and reinstalled?

Havnt deleted and reinstalled yet, will try that now

just to make sure we are on the same page, im using the pc Live flight connect

You said you were using the app. App or computer?

computer, it also counts as an application on your computer, I just forgot there was a phone version when I said that

Are you receiving this message?

yea, that looks about right

In that case I believe your solution lies here:

basically that was just saying there was an update live about it, (wich obviously isnt working)

Are you sure? Maybe @Cameron can provide an answer.

just messaged him about it, the issue is im not sure how long it will take for him to respond

ok finally got it started up, I had to start up the app with IF closed then open IF, that seemed to work