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I don’t know how many people are using the ‘liveflight’ tracker on the web. Since the implementation of SID’s and STAR’s into infinite flight I have been unable to load an accurate flight plan onto this tracker when using them. The only way to get around this seems to be to add each waypoint in manually however this would take VNAV out of the equation. Has anybody got any ways around this or would this require a software update from the LiveFlight developer? Many thanks.

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Hello, Orry! Welcome back!

Cam, one of the Infinite Flight developers, is in charge of LiveFlight. However, due to time constraints and other reasons, he has been unable to work on optimizing LiveFlight for the current version of Infinite Flight.

His most recent comment regarding a future update can be found here.

The link above is in regards to a different topic; we do not know what else (if anything) he is working on.


Hey mate this belongs in #thirdparty. Thanks and welcome back!

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I’m working on a rework/update of LiveFlight to solve a ton of these issues, should have more info soon. Sorry about that!


Sorry if linking your post notified you. :( I know you’re busy.

That’s great news we will enjoy with the application again .

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