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Do you guys also experience an error on Live flight? It says here the whole time: The server is having trouble processing your LiveFlight Horizon account. Try again shortly.

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Yes, I’m getting the same error. I don’t even have LiveFlight Horizon.

Cam is having some issues with the database spiking. He’s aware of it and are looking into it.


Hey, sorry about that, one of the instances died. Should be good now!


I have a question. Are you also going to introduce your lovely app to android? I know you have it on apple, however, I’d love to use it on my note 10 ahaha

I would love to, but I am a little constrained by time unfortunately. Maybe some day!


I need some help with the Live flight app. I cant find my plane in the live flight app and i dont understand why

Are you searching for yourself on the correct server?

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Hello to all!

Fortunately I don´t have any issue with Live Flight, I think that it´s because I watch it on a PC.

But yesterday, I am following my flight from EGLL to OMDB, and my route at LiveFlightApp showed to me a desviation to a VOR in Hong-Kong. I suppose that was an unusual mistake.

Regards and Happy Christmas!!


VOR’s fixes, STARS, Navaids and the lot can sometimes come across as the same name/code. In yours case, when typed in your flight plan, Infinite Flight will look at all the VOR’s and find the closest one to the last waypoint, and add it to your fpl. Liveflight doesn’t do this, and gets hold of any old waypoint with the same name. I think this is the reason, correct me if I’m wrong

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Hhahah i was on Training server and i tried to find myself on Expert server. So thats why i didnt find my plane

I knew something simple was up 😂

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LiveFlight does match by distance, but sometimes it’s not as accurate as it could be to the dataset I have. Will work on improving this :)


Hhaa i was a little stupid right There

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