Live Flight App problem

Hi all,
I was checking my live flight app to see when my estimated time of arrival was, but the destination said (Flying VFR), I looked on other people’s description and everyone i went to said they were Flying VFR. Can anyone help me out.

Hey there @Pilotcorn09 !

According to the developer (Cameron):
“From what I’ve seen it usually happens if Infinite Flight returns an empty flight plan - I will try and improve it so it persists the flight plan if this happens, although sometimes it’d be hard to know if the FPL has just been deleted… I’ll keep looking :)”

I’ll check now and see it’s doing that for everyone :)

Are you using the app (for iOS) or the website?

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Both, I tend to use the website more often because i fly on my phone,

It’s a bit odd that that’s happening, I’m not having any issues with the app nor the website. Sometimes if you leave it for a little bit the website or app refreshes and it’ll update your flight plan onto the map.

If this doesn’t help I recommend asking the developer:


Ok, thanks, that helps a lot.

You’re most welcome.

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