Live flight app has slow loading times

Hey there, i’m using live flight since it’s beginning and it has been amazing ! But since the last update I find the loading times quite long, I couldn’t even renew my live flight horizon subscription because it wouldn’t load. I tried it on several WiFi and it didn’t work too. I have a really fast WiFi and everything loads in 1-2 seconds except Live Flight App. (btw i’m Using an IPhone X on the last Apple update) Thanks !

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It’s been slow and not working since yesterday evening

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I got the problem as well… but I bought LiveFlight horizon the day before yesterday, that’s a shame.

Sorry about that guys! It should be running fine now, something didn’t go as planned with the new update last night :)

If this happens in the future, feel free to reach out directly to us where we’re more likely to see it sooner:


Thanks for your support and your quick help !
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