Live flight app bug

I was flying 0 degree magnetic north out of the Socal region. I flew about 3,250 nm north and i was on atc playground. I tried to track my plane on livelfightapp with my phone but i couldnt find it

Well you’re not supposed to leave the SoCal region anyway.


Yep I constantly see people leaving every region regardless.

Why does it matter

I might of actually flew around to the other side of the world i think but i couldnt find it and i know i was on the right server

I’ve gone over this before. It’s against IF’s Terms of Use, which means Matt or another admin could kick you out of Live, just saying’ ;)

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Blackbird you are supposed to use the free flight server for long flights because when you leave the region you lose atc contact. So when you go over another region the atc cannot contact you but can see you.

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Well the iffg people that get 15 hours of lfight time a day are still flying. The devs need to fix that if there not enforcing it. I paid 120 dollars on this game to fly wherver i want when ever and its called infinte flight for a reason

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What about it @Rotate?

Probably not the reason you’re thinking about. Matt directly said that until the day global flight is introduced he kindly asks everyone to stay inside the region boundaries.

Explain to me how this guy spends his whole day sitting there flying above a region and has to keep agusting the heading. If the devs were serious about it they would do something.

Please don’t try to start something, just use the free flight server for it or don’t do it.


Regarding the original post, LiveFlight had some issues overnight which meant new aircraft wouldn’t appear. Fixed for now, working on a longer-term fix :)

edit: turns out to be a problem on IF’s end. Waiting on a fix

The devs are serious, hence why Matt explicitly told everyone not to do it