Live flight aircraft size category

image When I try to find where to park, I get really confused. What counts as Regional and Heavy? Thanks!

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These are heavies and supers:


Look up charts on the internet to find a gate that suits your aircraft.

So, 747,767, 777, 787, A330, and A340’s would be Heavy jet and everything else is regional? (except of course A380)

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I got Live flight horizon, that’s why I’m asking

The 757 is also considered a heavy if I’m not mistaken, can someone confirm this for me?

Oh, I haven’t really used LiveFlight. LiveFlight Horizon isn’t designed to be used as a airport gate map.

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Check out my topic for more information:

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Stay tuned, that 3 coloured system will be history :)

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Yep it is in the heavy wake turbulence category, see

However do see this as it changes the 757 from “heavy” to “large” so I’m not sure what it’s considered at the moment.

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