Live Flight acting funny for me

Anyone else having problems with Live flight? The ATC playground is not showing up, and only Advanced is working.

Happened to me this Saturday

Not sure. I think sometimes the data just isn’t available. It is owned by @carmalonso .

This is due to a (temporary) change on Infinite Flight’s end. Should be back running soon-ish hopefully :)

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It’s back guys :)


@carmalonso why that why I couldn’t get pilot numbers on the PG last night?

Yes - it was disabled whilst some parts of the API were reworked. It’s back now.

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@carmalonso Hey!

For some reason when I use LiveFlight the planes start to move backwards. Is this the same issue?

Hey Maxim! Thought I’d solved that a while back… What device and browser are you using?

Using Google Chrome on a Windows 10 PC.

Wow, now that’s strange since it should be perfect on Chrome. I’ll need to investigate this… thanks :)

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Also, sometimes I notice that on Chrome, on a Macbook Pro, the user stats will disappear and I can’t view them. The planes also go a bit faster than usual on the map and they leave the visible trail they make behind. Im pretty sure that last bit was normal, I just wanted to make sure you were aware! -Adam

That happens after using it for a while. I need to find the cause of that… Regarding user stats, you need to wait for them to load. Might change that :)

Thanks for clearing that up!

@carmalonso I think it’s because I am a Win10 user, did several tests to prove this.

I’ve tried it on W10/Chrome and it’s fine. Can you maybe try another browser?

Already tried @carmalonso

Hmm. I have no idea. I’m doing some big changes to LiveFlight at the moment, I’ll publish them soon. Hopefully it should be solved, otherwise I’ll dig my head deeper into the code that handles directions…

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Hmm… sorry about that mate. If that was on the PG or FF server, then it’s an issue I’m currently working on as we speak. On advanced that shouldn’t happen. Should get this fixed soon though, sorry for any inconvenience :)