Live Expired on Final Approach

I won’t go into too much detail here as I had already posted a thread in the Live category, but someone on there recommended I contact support to see what could be done.

Basically I was doing a rather long flight of 1hr30mins from KNUC-KLAX-KPSP-KSAN-KLAX. I was on my final approach, of the final landing, when my Live expired around 10NM out. I lost XP and flight records of 4 landings and 1.5hours of flight time. Someone on my Live thread recommended I contact Support to get my XP and records back.

I don’t know if that’s possible… many people have had crashes and stuff like this happen, why is your scenario so special?

This is not a support issue. You want the XP you would have had. Don’t need to post twice. If they would have given it back they already would have.


Have you already renewed your subscription?

Yes I did renew my subscription already

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Although as @Will_A said, we really can’t do anything about it… Maybe wait for a staff member to respond here…

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Sorry but my previous thread in the Live category was not to demand XP or anything. I posted on there to talk about it and ask community members to share their similar situations. I wasn’t intending to ask for my XP lost until one member pointed out I should probably do so. Hope that clarifies any misunderstandings you might have about this.

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Tyler and Mark will decide if you get the XP back. Even though I’ve only seen one instance when someone got violations canceled when a dog turned off the A/P. XP though, is different. I will say, you probably don’t have a chance and you’re going to have to deal with it. That’s life.

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What do you mean with you saying being thrown out? Did the app crash?

Flight statistics are continuously being sent to the server, so you probably didn’t loose it as you believe. Give it some time, and your stats will probably refresh with what you gained during the session.

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I was kicked from Live because my Live expired. However I bought another month immediately. I checked my logbook and there wasn’t a record of that flight. I’ll check again and let you know.

Yes, i can read.

What i’m asking is what actually happened - did the connection icon just turn red? Did the session just end by itself? What did the flight summary say?

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The session just ended to the Live screen where it said I didn’t have a subscription. There wasn’t a post game flight log as usual when you end a flight.

Thanks, that’s the answer i was after :)

Give it a few hours and your statistics should be added. It might not show up in the log book though as the flight wasn’t terminated properly. I’ll check with our Developers if they can have a look at how that works so it’ll be a more smooth experience in the future :)

Feel free to DM me if you have any further questions!