Live Expectations for VAs

The last thread defined our policy on handling complaints and blacklisting users who interfere with VA operations. This one is intended to suggest and offer some guidelines on effective communication with both the forum and ATC. Essentially, consider this as a handbook of what you can and cannot do when it comes to interacting and teaching on Live.

Verbal Communications with ATC


The IFVARB strongly recommends that each VA consider having their pilots run through the useful tutorial videos on communicating with ATC when flying on the Expert server, of which can be found here.

As VA owners, all of you are expected to make sure that your pilots can at least have a grasp of the basic functions of coordinating with the volunteer folks who run air traffic control for you guys. Advocate for situational awareness, help a controller out by working around traffic, and so on. It would be great if owners tried to internalize a program that promotes good habits, utilizing the resources that FDS already has on hand to offer.

Ideas to Succeed

  • Can’t go wrong with aviate, navigate, and communicate. Basics right there.
  • Reach out to the IFATC community and see what our controllers hate/like seeing.
  • Read, read, read! Tons of threads out there made by our fellow controllers on various airport procedures.
  • Be humble. Know your limits and don’t go making stuff up to teach your pilots. That’s the fastest way to get them ghosted.
  • Maybe set up a reward or promotion system for pilots who continue to meet the standards set in communication.

Ultimately, it is up to VA leadership to make sure that their pilots can communicate effectively with ATC. We won’t be able to reach out to everyone, and the sooner you can pass the message on and get good habits started early, the better it will work out in the end.

ATC Departments in VAs


If any VA has, is in the process of, or considering establishing an ATC department, make sure that it is not official and is intended to serve as an in-house service for the virtual airline in question. Under no circumstance should those departments offer to train or establish candidates for the IFATC testing process.

The reasoning for this statement is to maintain consistency. If dozens of VAs were to try and teach various methods to their controllers and fight over which way is right, high chances are that subpar recruits will wash out of the testing process. Instead, any department or individual interested in learning the right way to control can simply contact the IFATC Scouting Team, of which the database can be found here. It isn’t a bad idea to check out Tyler’s YT videos on the link to the Infinite Flight channel provided in the section prior.



ATC aside, one last thing we need to address is advertising on the threads of other VAs. We encourage everyone to consider their limits and give the competition a fighting chance to showcase their own threads. The occasional good luck is fine, but don’t overdo it. When potential VA recruits enter a thread and start scrolling down, they don’t need to be bombarded by 20 “good luck” posts from a dozen VAs that barely meet the 20 character minimum. Keep relevant threads clean and give a like if you support them.

What Not to Do

  • Spam other VAs’ threads with advertising of yours.
  • Assisting in or creating slander targeting a VA to take it down.
  • Mass good lucking in post commentary. Let the thread do what it’s supposed to.
  • Making a large number of duplicates to splash your VA all over the forum.

With all that in mind, the IFVARB team encourages everyone to set the standard for the VA community and hopefully create an environment in which they can be recognized in the future. Imagine yourself five years down the road and hearing little jabs from airlines on piloting skills- Delta for light chop, etc. Keep the dream going!


Cheers @JoshFly8 we needed this

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Thanks @JoshFly8 well said.


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VA become slowly a big industry here…


You should join one then ;)

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Or CEOs of VAs blacklisting people and labelling them as “enemies” for no good reason or anything along the lines of that.

I consider it the opposite.

We’re slowly compartmentalizing and cracking down on deadweight VAs and integrating standards for everybody to follow. It’ll contract down as unused VAs get removed from the list and so on, then start bouncing up once we have an efficient system in place. This is only the beginning.

Good message and post there. The reason I chose the VA that I am a member of is because we want to closely follow the IRL operations of the real airline. This is not just limited to flying but also in how we deal with ATC as well as pass on training to our new members.

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Thank you. I’ve been wanting to say this, but then in thread or PM it’s too mean for me IMO, after all it’s in good spirit.

I’d also like say on live it isn’t just ATC that matters when it comes to impressions on others. Being courteous in the airspace with tower, but then blasting off at 4000fpm in your 747 isn’t going to win you any brownie points.

Oh and the same goes for playground if you fly official VA flights there- obviously use discretion if the ATC is… poor but that dosen’t give you the mandate to fly in and out as you please.


Well this is substantial but definitely needed, as growing VA’s need to see this information.

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