Live Events Today

I’ve noticed, that today has probably got the largest amount of events in 1 day IF has ever seen, so I thought I’d put them all down below, in no particular order, or regarding time. Just to both give you an idea of what’s on offer, and just the sheer amount of events today

Panama City Flyout, hosted by @Armani_B

Afghan C130 Pattern Work, hosted by @Kian_Abbasi

Honolulu Flyout, hosted by @Captain_Tank (I’m hopefully ATC for this if I’m not busy)

[IN PROGRESS] RAF Fairford, hosted by @Ben_W

[CANCELLED] Hawaiian Dream, PHOG Kahului Airport, hosted by @den.aviation He feels ill, get better soon 😥🤒.

Calgary Flyout, hosted by me! @Ecoops123

Detroit Flyout, hosted by @Kaleb_Jordan

[ENDED] Beijing Flyout, hosted by Air China (I think) and @QZS1210

[ENDED] Qantas Virtual Group Flight Event hosted by @QantasVirtualGroup [LANDED!] Great Ocean Expedition @ YMAV - 200600ZJUL2019

San Francisco Flyout, hosted by @Qantas094

[DELAYED] Longest Flight in the World, Singapore to New York (Newark), hosted by @BadPlane

Not to much, eh? Sorry if some have ended already and haven’t been notified of, these are seriously difficult to keep track of whilst flying some myself! Also had to give credit to creators and hosts of these events, if I made a mistake, don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll change it. This post was made to give attention to these events, and for the community to know how busy this game actually is. Apologies if I missed out an event!


Busy Saturday lol


It’s probably summer holidays for everyone now


Hey there, @Ecoops123.

There is already a similar type of topic to this:


Thanks, I’ve seen this before, but as mentioned this is just for today’s events only, and just to show the community how much work can be put into 1 day of flying.

Happy Flying!

Not for me… I’ve got 2 days left 😥

It’s not being updated anymore, I don’t think this topic is a duplicate when the topic is not being updated

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Thanks. It’s also extremely difficult to keep on updating it for daily events, I’m just surprised by how many there are today! One had just been cancelled 😥

Unlucky I broke up 4 weeks ago

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What…wha… Are you up North? Or in a private school? (How old are you if you don’t mind me asking?)

Nah I just finished my GCSEs

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I just started mine 😂… Ok back on topic!

This is amazing! The team are loving this 👏🏻


My event is now next Saturday due to a change of planes that makes it unlikely I will be home in time. Thanks for including me


Going to the Detroit flyout.

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Not for me it’s the middle of winter.

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Your from Australia. Literally everything is either upside down or opposite lol

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Saturday’s are the busiest day of the week for events, been like that for a long time.

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I had to cancel my event today due to me becoming unwell 😢

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Really? Thanks! I just am amazed by the pure amount of events that are available today! I’m working on a massive project covering 12 Events at 12 Airports for the Launch of Westjet virtual! (Or basically their first sponsored event)! I can’t wait! I’ll probably release them within a few weeks and be flying them in September time onwards!