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Welcome to the community, in order to post in Features Real World Aviation Spotting Events & VA you must be TL2, give likes, make posts, and come to the forum every day and participate in a discussion and you will be there in no time!

Trust Levels are a way of sandboxing new Users so they learn how to slowly adapt to the forum, as you interact more you will climb the trust level’s, below is a post about trust level’s and there requirements, keep in mind IFC’s Trust Level’s are a tad bit different than the default Discourse Trust Levels ;)

Also, there is a tutorial made on how to interact with the forum UI, we would appreciate it if you would check it out ;)

Also, Please review our Terms Of Service to be better informed of our guidlines and such.

There is also a Features request on this same very feature hat you’re asking for, if you want this to be implemented again feel free to visit the topic and give a vote ;)

Welcome & Enjoy the Community,
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