Live events and understanding them

Hey. I’m new here. Just want to ask that how do we get to know about the Events? And do they take place in the Training server or some other server? I did get to see some events but can’t understand them. Also once in the event, after takeoff what are we supposed to do? Please help. Thanks and happy landings :)


Of course, read the event information. It will tell you all you need to know. After takeoff, you just carry on with the event and land at your destination.

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Hey there, welcome to the community.
For events we usually post in #live:events.
This category is events only. If you want to now when it is, you’ll see a time in Zulu: e.g 051800ZMAR20
05 is the date
1800Z is the time in Zulu
MAR is the month
20 is the year of the event

If you want to know where the event is, there will be this @ with the ICAO code of the airport on the title. And on what server is found in the event information in the event.

If you want to make an event yourself you need to be TL2 (member). You can reach this by being active on this community.
“Just keep liking and posting and you’ll be there in no time”

For further information about events, please check this link below. It will tell you EVERYTHING

Hope to see some events from you in the future :)
Happy flying


Welcome to the community @IG21! Great info from @Infinite_Qantas!

Only following up to one of the questions, @Infinite_Qantas hinted to this detail, but as per the server, most events take place on the Expert server, however, many will also be on Training Server as well. It will depend on the host and how professional they want the flying to be.

During the flight, as with most flights that are done on IF since global’s release a few years ago, get to cruise, sit back and relax and enjoy your flight! Review the person ahead of you and behind you and make sure to maintain proper spacing during the flight.

Once again, welcome to IF!


Another thing that I’m not sure if was mentioned or not. As @mwe2187 said, most of our events take place via the Expert Server, but you should find an abundance of people flying in the Training Server/Expert Server every Friday night.

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Thanks everybody!

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