Live events and understanding them

Hey there, welcome to the community.
For events we usually post in Events.
This category is events only. If you want to now when it is, you’ll see a time in Zulu: e.g 051800ZMAR20
05 is the date
1800Z is the time in Zulu
MAR is the month
20 is the year of the event

If you want to know where the event is, there will be this @ with the ICAO code of the airport on the title. And on what server is found in the event information in the event.

If you want to make an event yourself you need to be TL2 (member). You can reach this by being active on this community.
“Just keep liking and posting and you’ll be there in no time”

For further information about events, please check this link below. It will tell you EVERYTHING

Hope to see some events from you in the future :)
Happy flying