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Hello everyone. Today I had a question about why I can’t make any live events. Do you guys know why?

In order to post in the #live:va, #live:events, #features and #real-world-aviation categories, you must be Trust Level 2 (TL2).

Keep reading, posting, liking, and following the guidelines and you’ll get there in no time! Also, be sure to search for any similar existing posts before making your own, in order to avoid making a duplicate topic.

I’ve taken the liberty to link some informative topics below. These topics were made to help you, as a new user, to understand how this Forum works. Do not hesitate to contact a user, or better yet a moderator, if you have any further inquiries. I wish you all the best during your time here, and I hope you have a good time. 😎

Cheers mate.

A Beginners Guide to the Forum

Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community Forum 1

Why haven’t I reached TL* yet?

What do user trust levels do?

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How long did it take you to ge to TL2?

It took me about two months after joining, but it all depends on how active you are on the community :)

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Ok, thanks.

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