Live Event From New Zealand Auckland Int Airport to Guangzhou Baiyun Int Airport

Hi there,
I am new to the IF community and the game itself. I would like to host a multiplayer event (I am a noob) just so I won’t feel too lonely throughout the flight.
I will make it to a video :)
Aircraft: B777-300ER Preferred
Livery: Air New Zealand
Time of Departure: 9th January, 7.30amUTC/8.30pmNZDT
Server: Casual (I am grade 1 lol sorry)
ETE 11:30hr

Please tell me if you are interested and able to join! Everyone who are interested in going to the casual server are welcome!(lol)


Hello there, and welcome! It’s great that you’re interacting and engaging with the community, but unfortunately your topic falls against the rules of the #live:groupflights category, with regards to the timing and formatting. I encourage you to take a look at the category guidelines, linked below. Thanks!

I’ve also linked an important topic that will help you get started on the community, which I highly recommend reading if you want to make your experience here the best it can be. Hope to see you around contributing!

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ohh ok! Sorry! I’m extremely new here… :(

oh cool! Yeah I am currently reading the beginners guide to the community thoroughly! Thanks for the help!

Hi China Airlines is from Taiwan ROC not Mainland China PRC. And Cathay Pacific is from Hong Kong. @FlyTight

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I wont be able to join you for this flight, but I would be happy to fly with you and help you grade up in the future. feel free to pm me anytime if you want to fly.

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k! Thanks! Although I was supposed not to do it cause I’m TL1 lol

Maybe do China Southern instead? Since they are based out of Guangzhou.

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yeah! Sure! Which aircraft do you think suits the best?

B777-300ER or B787-9. Those are the only aircrafts they use on that route.

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k! Thanks! I’ll user it if I am doing the flight!

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