Live Event at KPSP on ATC Playgound

happening about 5:30 Eastern time and 2:30 Pacific Time (Western Time)

What time is that in GMT

to be more specific 11:02 GMT

So… In 11 hours? Are there any open ATC positions? ;)

Yes there are! Have fun.

Could I do some ATC with you?

I am currently not on right now but I will be in a bit. 😀

Of course! What position would you like to have? Me myself would like TWR (of course…) Would be fun to talk on Teamspeak or Zello, wouldn’t it?

I would like anything but I am not on right now. I am sorry about not being on. I will be in 15 minutes. Or after dinner

I am getting on right now. I am SKILL3DxP1l0T

Actually my bad I cant its really late so ill leave it! Enjoy

Alright then, Have a wonderful rest of the evening!