Live doesn't work

When I select expert server my phone doesn’t connect. But if I select one of the other servers it works. Is there any maintanence on the expert server or anything else?

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I was having issues loading the status for the expert server earlier. Not sure if that is the same issue you’re having, but it sounds like it is.

Yea, same issue

Ah ok. It happens from time to time. Recently, it’s been happening more frequently. Not sure what the root cause of it is. Usually a server reset by a developer will fix it I recall.

My status page was also not loading. However I was able to connect to/fly in the server just fine…

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Happening to me

The status page isn’t working but you can still load and fly like normal. Just look for where atc is to find where to fly

Wondering if this is anyway related… I’m not having luck with the map fully loading. Also, run way indicators are not displaying.

It just says loading but it never loads. I was really wanting to fly too. 😩😩

Just go to the regions and you will see which ones have ATC. Thats what ive been doing, it happens to me too

?, it’s just says loading. I have no way of knowing where the ATC is

When you click the region button? Like choosing a spawn point?

Oh, I see what you mean. I can’t even get to that page

I’m experiencing this same problem.

In the moment there is a server problem, be patient, it will resolve itself soon…iam pretty sure there is some work in the background…

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