Live doesn't work

Hello i need help i bought live for a month and it dosen’t work it tells me i should log in with my old account but i deletet this account… What should i do ?

You should try login to the deleted account if you had a live subscription on that account.

Or you can try contact a mod for help.

Login dosen’t work how i can contact a mod ? (i’m new here)

Wait so you bought live with what account

I bought live with my new google account but it says i should log in with my old account but i deletet this account.

We’re does it say to log in with the old account?

When i bought it and when i restore…

Now i tried a second time and it didn’t work :/

Screenshots might help.


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Any of you fine peeps want to help him? Beacuse I don’t know about you but I am very puzzled



Don’t tag me please.

And the message is pretty clear no?


I deleted my old account all i want is to play on live…

What was the old account info?

And will help, I can’t do it right now, working on the servers.

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I give it up all i can do now is wating for the support to write back. But thanks

Why it dosen’t wooorrkk ?!??!!

Is there a way i can speak directly with the support ?


I wrote to the support 2 times but i didn’t get an answer :(