Live crashing

I just got live+ and I went to play and its so laggy and crashes. So I decided to reset my IPAD. It still crashes and lags and still says my device memory is low. How is it low if I just reset my IPAD.

Device:IPAD mini 2 (I think)
Version: IOS 9.3.5

Lower your graphics

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Made it look bad and still crashed

Maybe too much apps. If the memory is full the device might be slowed
Did you turn of anti-aliasing ?

it is off and IF is the only app I have

Is your iPad old ?

IPAD mini 2

I mean when did you buy it ?

I cant remember I think 3 years ago during christmas

I have a stupid question I used to play live but. One side of the runway is red but the other runway has not waypoints on the departure side

Check to make sure the ram is not being utilized else where. To clear ram just have the power bar show up and then hold the home button until the home screen shows up again.
Also you are running with only 1GB of RAM which is difficult to run IF live on. I had a iPhone 5s with 1 GB ram and even then Live would crash because of the lack of Ram space. Ram is what is going to prevent you from using Live. Make sure to disable any apps from the iStore and preloaded on the iPad in order to make sure all your RAm capability is solely devoted to IF.

Also in addition to limiting graphics it is more important to select “Low” for airplane count.

It might be too old. That’s all. I am not a pro though.
The “sides” of the runway are red because the wind is not well oriented to depart/land this way

I know but if their is no waypoints on the other side so how am I supposed to make my flight plane

My friend has a 5s and he plays live

Not sure what you mean with the power bar thing

That always bothered me but it’s not a problem : you pass through waypoints but you are not really supposed to follow the lines that link the waypoints.

Follow this to clear up your RAM. Otherwise you will not be able to operate Live for very long.


It just does a restart

I had to abandon playing IF on my iPad Mini 2. There’s just not enough compute power. I tried multiple strategies to free up some power and they all failed. Even running minimum graphics, if I logged in to live and encountered live ATC it would crash every time. I’m currently on the iPhone 6 until I can afford a better tablet. Trust me, I feel your pain. Logging on to the live server is what seems to be the kill factor, at least in my experience.

How long is the returns for apple because im not sure if i wanna keep this IPAD and wait to buy antoher and maybe get another for christmas