Live Crashing

Hi, I’ve been experiencing this problem recently on the IF live (both expert and training server) where after a long haul flight, when I’m descending, the app completely crashes and I can’t go back to my flight. This is quite annoying as I’m unable to complete the flight and it obviously takes a while to redo the flight as it is long haul.
Does anyone know how I can fix this issue?
(I’ve logged out and logged in again and redownloaded the app and it still crashes)


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Are you on IOS? If so, it’s a very known issue and the devs think they have a fix that is currently being tested.

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It also may be the amount of RAM on your device.

The same thing happened to me several times! I’ve got an Ipad Air 2019 and I do not think it’s a problem with my device… please fix this.

Please make sure to read this:

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