Live crashes

I am disappointed with infinite flight. I pay &3.49 a month and after 20 or so seconds the app crashes. I have contacted David and he can’t do anything. This urgent because I love this game so much but that bug ruins it all. This is my last plead for help and if I don’t get a good technique I might have to consider stopping my subscription. I am running on android 4.4.2.

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Make sure that your device has plenty of storage and memory left :smile:
Also make sure your settings are as low as possible and you have no other apps running in the background!
Also try and refresh your device by restarting it!

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@BBJMAX has nailed it. 👍


Me too, there writen "subscription not allowed from mobile services:

@matt any idea why this is still happening?

Hi Henry,

Have you tried reinstalling the application?
Can you send me a picture of the settings page with the Graphics and Live tabs?


@Henry_Medcalf check your email please. Thanks!

Reinstalling the app does nothing, if anything, it makes it worse

Do you have the same crash when playing in solo mode?

No I do not

Does this happen only in the Southern California region? What about if you go to SF or Hawaii? Or any other region…

I have been in San Francisco and it still happens

Were there planes around you?

Can you try in a region that has nobody around you?

How much storage space do you have left on your device?

I have been in a region with nobody else and it works fine, but is a bit boring. I have 11 GB out 16 left. When it crashed I could see 3 or 4 planes but it was bust at KSFO, as you would expect

‘It was busy’

I had this same problem at one point as well on an ipad2. All the setting HAVE TO BE ON LOW, airplane count needs to be low, and when on the ground, make sure the HUD is on view 2 or 3 (this use to really help, it may have been fixed in an update, Matt could answer that). Your bandwidth may also be an issue. What speed do you have?

Any news @matt

@Henry_Medcalf: Can you send me a picture of the settings page for both the Graphics and Live tabs?

I asked above but didn’t receive anything.


This problem is really starting to make me angry sometimes

When ever I see any type of a 747 my game crashes. @matt