Live Could Be Free To Play/Use

  • You already paid an additional $5.00 for the app or game
  • You also have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription to play or use
  • If live was free, all aircrafts, liveries, and airports can unlocked free but by certain milestones or goals you have accomplished
  • Also, everyone would like it better if they get to have the same experience as a pilot in air traffic
  • in edition, people could connect to Facebook or Twitter and play with friends and set up times and make there own events

The developers need money to live and improve the app so making live free would mean no new improvements.


Free live = no live


Anyways, welcome to the forum! :D

Kidding right…

Correction: There is one way to get live free! Pay for the servers that run live and then you can fly live for free!


Ecept that the servers would go on overload. And LAX you would have to hold short for 30 minites

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Why not make it free!!! It shouldn’t be problem, Mr. @Ryan_Frankel will pay yearly wages to the Dev’s for all of us. You are very kind Sir. Thank you. Funny you paid £50 for fsx and Microsoft asset 176billion.


Thanks for volunteering to cover all the costs so we all get it for free


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Your post is completely wrong. Let me explain why:

  1. You do not pay an “ADDITIONAL” $5.00 for the app. That’s mandatory.
  2. You need to pay for a monthly or yearly subscription, because one, they need money to run the servers, and two, you can’t put so much hard work into a game, make a MULTIPLAYER mode, buy servers that can handle a lot of traffic, and just sell it for free! They need to make a profit in order to make the game better.
  3. People can already connect to “Facebook and Twitter and play with friends and set up times and make their own events.”. Events page on these forums and IFFG on Facebook are good examples, but Twitter isn’t really the best way to go (character limit).

One thing I DO agree on is your third point.

This would actually be nice for users without Live+, but like I said, they need to make a profit. Instead of making it so that anyone can earn aircraft, airports, and liveries, they should make it so that if you have the monthly subscription, this feature will be available.


So your long-term wish is basically to bring down the company.


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If u have to pay money for the developer…okay thats normal…but why doesnt he make a free trial for example 10-15 days of free live trial

Because a lot of people hack infinite flight already and get all aircraft free. The debs are loosing money because of these people and need all the money they can get to make improvements.

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Those people most likely would not pay anyways…

And for those who want live for free, let us know your mailing address so we can send you the server bills every months, thanks :)


How much are they?

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If The Servers could be free. We dont have to Pay for Live. So I Think it would never happen except someone would pay the bill

It would never happen is the plain and simple answers from Developers. No point speculating. Not everything gonna be free becouse of free server. Foods and future would still cost you. Microsoft and Sony has million of servers why you have to pay for Xbox live and PSN?

How much do you think all live servers cost a year