Live Connection

Lately when I get open the app to choose my aircraft and airport starting point I’ll be connected but a soon as my my loads up it goes to NOT CONNECTED. when I exit out it connects again on the main page but once flight is loaded again it goes back to NOT CONNECTED. So all my flights for the past month have not been recorded and haven’t been able to get that real experience.

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Im sorry to hear that man, hope someone could help you on this so you can start flying again.

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No point in commenting if you’re not going to help.
@Cap_G Do you have a stable connection? Do you use wifi or cellular? Have you tried switching from Wifi to Cellular or Vis vera? Do you use a VPN?

Yes it’s a few questions. But very important most times. Now it’s a waiting game


I use wifi and cellular at the same time when in the house because my reception is terrible in my building. Even when I use only wifi it happens or if I use just cellular. Didn’t start get this issue til the last update.

Me to…Thanks