Live Connection Issues

Guys I really need help here, my ATC online is been off for a couple of weeks every time I go online it’s yellow and then turns red, if anybody can help will be great, it’s not my connection either I got LTE connection.

Device info? Try to use Proxy/VPN; happened to me and VPN was a good solution

Perhaps if you’re on an LTE mobile connection, mobile data for Infinite flight is off?

Have you tried controlling in different regions or is it particularly SOCAL?

I’m pretty sure a well established WiFi connection is the best way to go when it comes to Infinite Flight.

Let’s let OP respond with some clarifying information before we bombard them with suggestions.

@Abanob10 , please look at this topic and provide device type and software version. Thanks!

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Am using my iPhone 7,

It’s all of it.

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You wouldn’t be happening to be using T-Mobile?
If so, there’s your answer.

They are blocking the port used by Live, and you need to call their customer service and ask them to open it.
Port 10100

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As i wrote here :) Not much more to say about it frankly.
They only seem to block it for customers with IPv6 adresses though…