Live connection issues and server lag

So I’m having a lot of the orange connection symbol meaning that my device is trying to connect but either taking a long time or drops out multiple times. Plus there is a lot of lag on the servers. Planes instead of moving normally, they bounce around. The other topics with these problems didn’t help.
Any solutions?

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Lots of reports on this, no idea what is going on.

Btw it’s got nothing to do with my wifi. Thats working fine!

Oh ok. Thanks :-)

It could very well be your wifi. Last time I used Live my connection always failed.
Last time was last year.

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No but on all other applications and devices wifi is working perfectly well. It’s just IF

It was only with IF for me too.

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Well servers were down last night sending a notification for a few people. TS1 was definitely out. Casual and Expert I believe works fine though.


Strange,I hope it will work soon

Just tried to get back on at KLAX and I keep getting orange connection symbol. I’ve tried everything with my wifi and LTE on my phone and tablet. 😡😡

DDOS? Or maybe something connected with Global?

They might be taking the Training Server 1 down for it to be Training Server 1 Global.
Training Server 2 might have been taken down just to make it the Global server.

I believe this is a duplicate

Exactly the same stuff happening to me, Load in and get orange connection with grayed out ATC icon :/

I’m sure that the developers are currently working hard to fix those server issues. :)
Simply stay calm and be patient for now. Thanks.

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