Live connection but no aircraft or ATC showing

Wondering if any tecchy experts can help with this one.

I am currently staying at someone else’s house for the holidays and so am connected to a different wifi network than usual. When I open IF it signs me in with no problems, shows my standing and account details, even shows the status of each server, who is on ATC etc.
However when I actually try to start a flight I only get either orange or red connection bars at the top right of the screen and can see no one else on the map except myself. It looks as though I’m in solo mode but I’m definitely not.

Has anyone else had this problem and can offer advice ? This is on an ipad, everything else internet connection-wise works fine (I can get online, check emails, download things etc). All other devices in the house work fine on wifi too and the connection is strong. It’s only when I try to start a live flight/ATC session that I seem to get blocked.

My brother in law works in IT and he can’t figure it out, all he could suggest was that there’s some kind of restriction from the provider (Xfinity) that’s stopping me from connecting to the server and exchanging data (something to do with a port perhaps but that’s where my understanding stops !) As I said though I can still login and see who’s online etc so it’s not blocking me completely.

Thoughts or solutions anyone ?☺

I have same issue here with an iPad 2. While I know my internet connection works, it only gives me a green “fan” in the top right corner very infrequently. Nearly every time, I get the orange fan and no ATC or other planes.

I’ve resorted to playing via LTE on an iPhone 6, a vastly inferior experience. But it’s the only way I can reliably connect on Live and get credit for my online flights. Would love to see an answer that actually solves the problem, but haven’t found it yet myself.


Try restarting your device

Tried restarting, signing out and in again but no difference. Pretty sure it’s something to do with the service provider stopping me connecting to the IF server, but don’t know what to do about it !

Installed a free VPN app on the iPad and can now access live ! This will bring me relief from boring moments at the in-law’s over Xmas (and there are plenty of those !) Thanks Buddha !


Simon - would you mind telling me what you installed and how? Would love to try the same solution and play on the iPad again. Thanks!

The app is called “Unlimited Free VPN” by Betternet. Came up first when I typed VPN into the app store search and works great !