Live Connection Bad

My live server connection is always failed, so I cannot see other planes or use ATC. Has been happening for months.
-iPhone 8+
-T-Mobile LTE
-latest iOS and IF update
-used VPN and and still does not work
-restarted and reinstalled

Have you tried WiFi?

The VPN helps, but only for a few seconds.
WiFi works, but I only have it available a few times a week.

Why do you not recommend a VPN?

So you’re using T-Mobile? I recall there was an issue with T-Mobile users a while back while on Cellular Data and they couldn’t connect to Live.

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Yes, as @Chief305 mentioned it is currently not possible to use Infinite Flight with T-Mobiles cellular services.
The reason for this is that their network is IPv6-only, and our current server infrastructure does not support that.

Using a VPN should work, at least it have worked for others in the past. So might want to try another if possible?

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