Live Cockpits

Why aren‘t there more Cockpits with live instruments?

The A330 is coming with live cockpits
Also live cockpits in IF are a relatively new thing that started in 2018


As every cockpit is different, so will take a while for the development team to get round to every plane.

By the end of next year you will see more and more live cockpits with reworks.


New/reworked aircrafts will come with live cockpit. There aren’t so much with this feature because every plane has a different cockpit, and it requires some time to model a new cockpit, and add the instruments. This feature was added in 2018 if I’m not wrong.

Hope this answer your question!

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It was added in 18.6 in 2018 with the A-10 rework. 🙃


I struggle flying the A10 so much that it’s not even funny

The A-10 has a live cockpit?

Yes it’s steam instuments I believe as the A10 is a older plane IRL

The screens do not work but gauges do


It was the first aircraft which had a live cockpit.


Very nice and simple explanation :)

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It’s worth noting as well that the A10 was the first aircraft with analogue gauges. At that time, we didn’t have a system for live displays/panels (that came afterwards as it’s different underlying technology on our end)


that’s interesting.

When HUD 🤔

One day :)
It’s certainly something we’d like too and have somewhat experimented with in the past, but this is a little more complicated (viewing from different angles has different effects than a regular screen)


I remember that! It was such a struggle to fly at first though haha, with those steam gauges.

I think the TBM was the first one to have a live glass cockpit if I’m not wrong.

I think so too…
Followed by the A320 family if I’m not wrong

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