Live Cockpits

Before I start, please note that i cannot post in the Features category, that is why I am posting it here. I do not have access to post a topic in the features category…

In cockpit view, I think it would be cool if the instrument panels actually worked to display real time info (altitude, heading speed of the plane, etc.) rather then just have a picture of it. This would make the simulator feel even more realistic.

In addition to this, perhaps you could have real working buttons and levers in the cockpit too. Maybe not all of them, but the basics such as auto pilot, thrust, landing gear, flaps, etc.

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This feature request already exists :)


Search before posting :)


I did and I didn’t find that post. I searched live cockpit. Not much I can do if I don’t know how the other user worded the title.

At least you could have searched working instruments.Anyway flaps thrust and landing gear levers do move

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But I’m saying the user should be able to control them right from the cockpit

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I like your idea but i think you’re asking too much for a mobile sim…(for now)maybe the future will do✌

With all due respect, I thought global flight was too much to ask for a moible sim but now it’s coming soon :)

Yes that’s why i included “for now” friend… That means that might be able in the future

It may be doable for the moving instruments but user interaction would be quite tough on mobile devices.

Even then it’s a duplicate

Duplicated twice :0

Duplicate as stated above.