Live Cockpits with HUD "Issue"

Hi everyone!

I’ve noticed this “issue” flying the new live cockpit airplanes. When you use a cockpit camera and the HUD at the same time, the pitch scale and the flight path indicator (the little circle) appears to lose its references / calibration. Did someone having this problem too? Or I’m doing something wrong? The live cockpits are amazing, but it’s hard to get some notion of space when flying with the AP off without the HUD with a small 4" screen…

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What you are seeing is as a result of the first person view camera being tilted down. The way to combat this if you decide to use the HUD is to manually tilt the camera angle up.


This is because they are at different angles :)

Oh yeah! It’s only hard to get the accurate point… IMO, when you double tap screen to reset the angle, it should get to the right point. Maybe a camera option with the tilt set like the traditional HUD camera.

Generally when you’re in the “cockpit” view, you wouldn’t want to use the HUD. I can’t stop you but its all a personal preference. For me there’s just too much “clutter” with the HUD & Cockpit going. Takes a little getting use to. But you’ll just have to play around with it until you find something that feels comfortable.

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You dont have an altitude set for the auto pilot, that could be why its unstable

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