Live cockpit training: Day 1

I have something embarrassing to admit, I have no idea how to land with the live cockpit. I know, how disrespectful? In an age of live cockpits? Ugh! So I’m setting on a mission: to be able to fluently learn How to fly using live cockpit. Luckily i do know the instruments well enough to start.

(I could count other days of flying the Cessna 172 but I’m more fluent with the aircraft so i wont.)

For the first aircraft I decided to choose the A10, my favourite military aircraft in the sim. I think its a good starting point as i move upwards to passenger and cargo jets.

Aircraft: A10
Cruising: no A/P used
Airport: Nellis AFB

1: taking off with @TristanXvc behind me on takeoff on 3R

2: coming around for the first touch and go

First touch, not very good, a huge bounce on landing.

Will the second TAG go smoother?

Well luckily, yes! This time around I didn’t skip along the runway, the landing wasn’t the smoothest though

Coming in to land, i have to give this my best shot since Jason in in one of those C-130s… always watching…

Aw crap… probably the worst landings i had. Oh well, at least practicing was sufficient enough so i dont crash everytime


Awesome Photos! :D

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I love that you are sharing this experience. It could be beneficial and encouraging for other folks to try something new. I must admit, I’m quite scared of flying much on Expert anymore since I’ve invested so much time into editing airports and not perfecting flight. I hope others feel the same and try this out too!

Thanks for sharing!


Nice shots!!! And live cockpit landing is so more difficult in comparison to hud landings. However in terms of realism I only do landings without the hud only by instruments if the aircraft got an animated cockpit.

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Ah don’t worry, Im also trying to learn how to get used to it

Anyways nice photos, A-10 go brtttttt

A10 go brtttttttttt

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