Live cockpit question

Since infinite flight implemented live cockpits I’ve tried my best to utilise it instead of the HUD ,however on ILS Approaches this can be a little difficult. Whenever I watch an ILS approach online I notice the PFD has the Pink Cross

I did some research which was useless and therefore I’m here to ask the IFC. What is the actual name of that display and is there Feature request I can vote for on the IFC.

Thanks for reading :)

I find some difficulty with the current ILS display especially on crosswind landings.

The “pink cross” is the flight director. Localizer is the horizontal diamond below the attitude and glideslope is the vertical diamond left of the altitude tape.


Do you mean the flight director?

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That’s what I’m looking for thanks

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The pink cross is the Flight Director. :)

The “diamond” just below the artificial horizon is the localizer, this shows that you are far too right of centerline.
To the right you have the glideslope indicator “diamond”, which shows you are slightly too low :)

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