Live cockpit is too small

Just note I don’t have the update yet so this is nothing to do with the 777. That might be better.

Hey all, as we know more aircraft have a live cockpit. I want to start to use it but I feel it is too small. I feel I can’t see the speed and altitude. But if I zoom in I can’t see outside. How do I get round this problem?

Thank you :)

It’s different from if you are playing on an ipad vs iphone

Use the HUD. It’s there for a reason…


I am using a Samsung phone

But I feel I should be using what is created. Plus the live instruments are used in the tutorials…


Then you need a bigger device or just use HUD me personally even tho im on a iPad uses HUD

If you can’t see it then that’s something you need to find a solution for, not sure what you expect, I use the HUD or zoom in.

I suppose so

I have an S9, and I have no issue with the size. Just my personal opinion :)

The S9 is what I use

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haha nice!

i know how to get it on ios

for anyone who doesn’t have it

Wrong topic I believe

Can confirm the 777 cockpit is even worse, font is too thin. I don’t know about others, but I’d rather have a less realistic font that is readable than a more realistic font that is not. Most people don’t have a device higher than 1080p.

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Oh joy… What can we do.

Be grateful for what you have

I think what the op is requesteting is that the neutral camera angle be moved closer to the instruments without having to zoom in so much
Surely there’s no need for any of you to jump on him for saying this
I for one agree
The instruments are too small to read and if you zoom in, then accidentally tap the screen elsewhere, it can screw up your landing

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I use both infinite flight and aerofly fs2020

Yeah the live cockpit primary flight display and navigation display are too small Swiss 001 mentioned that too in his vids. Btw i use aerofly fs2020 and the live cockpits there are perfect u can clearly see the pfd and nd i got no issues seeing my ias there