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I’ve been thinking about a live chat for the community. It would make getting together and organizing quick events and group flights easier and more fun. Not to mention cutting down on forum clutter.

I thought about opening channel on Freenode IRC, but then realized very few of you all probably use or even know about IRC… Lol. So maybe a basic chat could be added to the site?

What does everyone think? I think it would be fun to chat and coordinate group flights with whoever is currently online.

  • I would like a web-based chat on this website
  • I would like an IRC chat
  • I would just like a shoutbox type chat on the website
  • I do not wan’t a live chat

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Good idea. I often want to fly with other pilots on IF but don’t want to make a post about it because I feel like that clutters the forum.


It would be much better with a chat to organize events and also flying in formation with other IF players

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I added a poll to the OP.

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I was under the impression that many of you use Zello…now is a good time to find out how popular it really is for IF …especially for the 18+ members…since an irc chat is also being considered for real time communication…

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Good idea, Recxx. I think if we promote using Zello more we could get more people to use it. But I think in this thread I’m just asking for a text-based chat where people can idle, chat about the game, organize quick flights, etc. For in-game chat, I think something like Zello would be ideal if everyone used it, rather than text based. Seems it would be easier to get people to join a text-based chat though.

Bumping this old topic. It was not closed.

I think it would be useful to have a text chat. Instead of creating a topic e.g. for small events/group flights.

Does there exist a chat plug in for Discourse?

Any plan for implementing a chat in the community?


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Yes, a plugin is available for that. It’s called Babble. However, now we are only adding ones that are essential.

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What’s the difference between this and what we currently have?