Live chat feature

I have been corrected. There is already one out there! Go vote peoples!!! Lol. Sorry for the duplicate

That would be a cool feature. Hopefully they are able to add it in the future.

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I’d love see this!
I run a VA on IFFG and the type of flying we do it’d be nice to use a voice comm over game

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This one has not being closed yet. Everyone can go vote there😉.

Yep. This is embarrassing. I literally searched for a few hours wondering why I didn’t see any open. But you will get my vote!! Lol. Sorry🙃

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Just boosting your feature request!:p

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What’s even more embarrassing is that I actually thought that your suggestion is legit because I forgot that my suggestion included a verbal version of the chat as well. I forgot what I wrote in my own suggestion. But in my defense, it has been a while ^^

Thanks for your support though! I still think it’s a good idea and as we can see, I’m not the only one :)