Live+ charged Twice

Today I bought a Live + subscription. When I tried to pay with my debit card it told me code error and did not show that I had bought it, so I refreshed the page and tried again and I was given the confirmation. Come to find I was charged $100.00, I only want one year of live for now. Is there a way to get a refund? I don’t think I have started using it because my month subscription has not ended yet. I bought the subscription on my Droid Turbo using Android version 5.1, but I play IF on my Kindle fire OS

Why did you put it in #support:francais when you wrote everything in English?

Mistake, by accident. Just moved it.

Okay, I moved it through.
If you have a concern regarding your Live account subscription, log in errors etc, you are welcome to send a private message to @david with the above details as well as the following 3 items:
1.Your full user display name (not email please)
2.Last known call sign
3.The complete copy of the subscription purchase receipt. Attached or pasted image is fine.

Where would I find the receipt?

You will get an email.

That’s wierd, it doesn’t appear that I got one?

Oh please read before posting anything unnecessary. Apple don’t care if Android users have got issues.

Sorry lol. Just missed the last sentence lol.