Live Behavior

Hi all.

Please could you help me with this?
I was flying into LFMN and I was instructed to enter base. As I was turning for final, I saw an aircraft that was extremely close to me, and it was really close escape. Now I’m on final, and I check my radar, and look behind me.

This person was not even on the tower frequency? He got even closer to me, and that was when I decided to just close the app. Because I’m really disappointed…

what server was this on?

Expert. There was also ATC…

If you can remember the ATC person you might be able to DM them and ask what they did about this incident.

@TAI was the ATC, could you look into this?
The user is @Tural_Yaqubov

It would only make sense if you asked @TAI about Tural

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Hello, i was your controller.
I’ll pm you later.

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Taken to PM